O365 Governance

"An Incomplete Governance Plan is as if a firm has no Governance at all"

 Dave Hall, CDO SharemarQ

Governance is a part of everything you do within an organization. For example, a typical corporate governance plan defines roles and responsibilities, levels of accountability, processes and systems, and rules for how employees work together. Those general governance principles also apply to productivity tools like Office 365, and so you should develop and implement an Office 365 governance plan.

Our Governance Plan 

We have over 12+ years in working with firms like yours in establishing the guard rails and boundaries for the implementation of O365.   

We work with you by asking the questions you may not know you should be asking.   

Ideally, together we have the opportunity to help flush out the guidelines and configurations  you before you launch O365 across your organization.  But, SharemarQ engages at any stage of your release of O365 providing you tools to launch O365 and empower your employees.

We kick off 6 weeks of working sessions to address each of the 13 Governance topics to be addressed assuring you at the end you have a "Working" Governance Plan meeting your firms immediate and long term needs.

Twelve (12) working sessions are comprised of 2 hours workshop once a week over a six weeks period  with selected business teams in your firm.  This minimizes the impact to day-to-day operations but engages the right business teams in the areas they are most accountable and responsible for. 


Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance:  This Modern Digital Workplace workshop will address the access to and permission aspects with the Microsoft Office 365 SaaS EcoSystem, identifying what permissions and rights will be afforded to specific roles.  The Modern Digital Workplace workshop will define the compliance and boundaries to how Modern Digital Workplace will be deployed at your firm.



User Interface and Experience (UI)(UX);Employee Interface and Experience (EI)(EX); Customer Interface and Experience (CI) (CX)

User Interface;  User Experience; Employee Experience:  This Modern Digital Workplace workshop covers the User Experience and the User Interface.  Specific elements, (i.e. web parts, web apps) of Modern Digital Workplace will be defined and applied for a persistent functionality and consistent real estate (i.e., SharePoint Master Page) placement.  Included in this Modern Digital Workplace workshop will be the UI and UX configurations of Teams, Yammer, Outlook Groups, Dynamics 365, etc., specific to the your firm's  branding.

Access:  This workshop exposes and defines how Modern Digital Workplace will be accessed from the top level and down to a granular level of documents and individual content.  Integration with MS Office and MS Exchange will be define and empowered thru careful governance directives.  Connectivity to push or pull data internally and externally will be existing and to be defined policies, procedures, guidelines will be applied.

Access and Permissions

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