Transition and Transformation

Planning your migration of files, data, content in itself is a major undertaking to even the best of teams.  With SharemarQ, you work "with" us every step of the way.  


We have eleven phases to successfully work with you in transition and transforming your files, content, and data:

  • Phase0:   Discovery and Planning

  • Phase1:   Digitization and Inventory

  • Phase 2:  Change Management Planning 

  • Phase3:   POC and Testing

  • Phase4:   Communications and Scheduling

  • Phase6:  Automating policies, metadata and DLP process

  • Phase7:  Data review and Preparing for moving

  • Phase8:  Execute move of files, content, and data

  • Phase9:  Rework of corrupted or missing files, content or data

  • Phase10:  Archiving, disposition, disposal or dismissal of legacy storage capabilities


Why do we talk about transition and transformation in terms of migrating your files, data, content?   With any TierOne project that applies to the entire organization it is critical together we review where the firm is today and where it will be going tomorrow.   Together we need to be mindful and keep organization disruption to a minimum.  


Many companies have digitized their record keeping, yet over 52% have either just started or are thinking about it.  The transition can take on many phases and our SharemarQ subject matter experts engage atany stage, we have successfully stepped any size firm thru the transition phase and transformed them into the Modern Digital World.


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